So, it is decision time. Time where I need to decide what i am going to end up doing not only for the short term (e.g. The rest of the spring and summer) as well as the long term. With the resignation of Jim Dabakis as Chair of the Utah Democratic party, I thought it would be a great time to step up and serve my party. Help guide it into a new future without the leadership that they have had over the last three years, with a fiery charismatic leader that they have had in Senator Dabakis.

A strong Democratic Party is good for Utah. It helps to balance out the conversation, but the fact is with the departure of some members the Legislature in Utah is much more moderate than it has been in the past. The Democratic party as it is now is seen as too liberal (to the point where they were not included in many of the major policy issues during the 2014 General Session.)

I toyed with the idea of running for the position. But and even announced I would be filing. But then my wife pointed out to me, that I work full time, in addition to being a full time student chasing after my educational dreams and working on two majors and a minor (This semester is 15 credit hours). The time I already spend away from home is sometimes too much, and leaves me with little free time to enjoy my dogs, and my time with my wife and friends. Then, I met with an academic advisor and found I am a semester behind where I need to be, to graduate and begin looking at graduate program options.

So because of this, while it pains me to say, I just don’t have the time to run my life and work full time, and pursue my educational goals, all while trying to get the minority party more of a voice than the small one they have now.

The party chair needs to be someone who can focus full time on building the party, someone who can spend that time on the road, talking to constituents, finding the problems they are facing and helping to form solutions. What I would ask is that we try not to stray away from what the party does well. Also, the party should focus on the issues I pointed out previously. Working to change how the message is delivered but not changing the message it’s self.

While I want to serve my party, my state, and my country – those goals will have to come at some point in the future. Would I have won this election? Probably not. There are many who are qualified to serve the interests of the party. But at least it would have shown that there are younger members who are willing to step up, and help (Much to the contrary of what the Sutherland Institute would have you believe.)

I will help the party in anyway I can over the next several years. I will work to make sure that they “get with the times” and work on getting to connect with the younger Democrats in the state to show that really we are a force to be reckoned with.

For those of you who have seen my ideas, and my platform, all I would ask is that if you agree with them, to work to find someone who fits those needs of the party, and find someone to chair the party who meets them.

So with that. It is time for me to go do some homework.